Historama, September 26

A brave man who averted a nuclear war between the US and the USSR and a genius inventor that shed new light on the world’s grey days made this day in Russian history.

­Soviet colonel averts nuclear war

Soviet colonel averts nuclear war

On this day in 1983, a nuclear war might have started had it not been for the Soviet Colonel Stanislav Petrov.

While on duty, he received a missile attack warning, but identified that it was a false alarm and no missiles were in fact approaching his country.

He was neither rewarded nor punished for his actions – in fact his wise act remained unknown until the 1990s.

He was decorated in the US in recognition of the part he played in averting a catastrophe. He is now a pensioner living in Moscow Region.

­Russian inventor enlightens world

The Russian father of the contemporary light bulb, inventor Pavel Yablochkov, was born today in 1847.

He created a new type of electric arc lamp called a Yablochkov candle in his honor. It was cheaper and easier to use then any existing analogues.

Yablochkov displayed his invention during the international exhibition in London – and in one day became famous.

Later his lamps were used to illuminate central streets and famous monuments in Paris, London, Berlin and Rome, and turned the inventor into a successful entrepreneur.

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