Historic monastery costs less than Moscow flat

A 17th century cathedral has gone on sale in Central Russia for a price lower than that of a typical one-room flat in a suburb of the country’s capital.

The historic ensemble of 585 square meters would cost anyone interested about 1.7 million rubles ($50,000).

The price was established by local authorities, who tried to sell the place under the disguise of “a former sports school.”

“This is mere sacrilege – I have never heard about anything like it,” said Father Vladimir Vilyansky, press secretary of Russia’s Patriarch Kirill, as quoted by Izvestia.

The monastery is the oldest and biggest in the region – with unique murals preserved. Local architectural activists said that although the building has definite historic value, it has not been put on any preservation list.

The activists added that the local administration lacks the budget to preserve its architectural heritage.

Two other churches in the region have been rented out, hosting a shop and a small factory.

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