Hollywood holy Moscow party

Hollywood celebs, loud music and liquor are probably not what one might associate with Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral. But an art center in this place of worship has hosted an A-list soiree with the likes of Clive Owen, Anastasia and Megan Fox.

­The occasion? A presentation of the new Vertu smartphone. Arriving at the venue, guests crossed themselves before braving stringent face control. Many looked surprised at their holy whereabouts, having clearly ordered cabs to bring them to the address. Little had they known that the trendy art center was at the capital’s top cathedral. 

Ever since the notorious venue opened its doors in 2009, it has scored itself a controversial reputation. Many find buying antiques and attending social events under the sacred vaults of a church quite odd. In fact, some guests invited to the Vertu bash soon left in disgust.

The specially hired bouncers also looked quite out of place. Yet inside, this was a jet-setting party like any other. Even the humiliating wait some had to endure while the slow guards searched the guest list for their names was not an issue. All were intent on staying until the worshiped Hollywood stars showed up.

God bless Vertu.

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