Hot Job: $150 a day

If you are a lazy bones longing for easy money and love partying all night and going to bed with the lark, we have the ideal job for you. A salary of $150 a day is on offer for simply sleeping in a gallery in your pyjamas from 10am to 9pm…

­The unusual vacancy has opened with a Moscow art gallery which is seeking a person willing to spend three months sleeping in the gallery as an exhibit.  

The terms and conditions look quite reasonable with the gallery providing its slumbering employee with a single bed, fresh linen and pyjamas and some sleeping pills (after a consultation with a doctor of course).

“We promise not to sell our sleeping friend to a private collection!” the employer’s message says.

The employer does not care about gender as long as you are young, tall, slim, and handsome, have no skin or hair problems and do not mind becoming an art object six days a week for the duration of the contract.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you’d better make a run for it – you only have until November 15…

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