Hunt on for creators of Putin spy posters

City authorities vowed on Friday to “find and punish” the “hooligans” who put up posters in central Moscow depicting Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as a secret agent.

The placards, which appeared on billboards and at bus stops earlier this week, announce a non-existent movie starring former KGB officer Putin.

They feature “Putin” in a black suit with a pistol in his hand. The caption says “VV [Putin’s patronymic is Vladimirovich] will cover up for you.”

The website advertised on the site is promoted as a “secret state project,” masked as an all-Russia on-line quest computer game.

In May, posters featuring Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev apparently promoting a new collection of clothes at one of Moscow’s most expansive malls appeared in central Moscow. The mall’s management denied any links to the images.

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