Icicle scandal spoils summer heat

Investigators in St. Petersburg are blaming a balcony owner for the death of a young woman.

The victim was killed by falling ice. According to the investigation, the man converted his balcony and then failed to clear the ice that formed on it.

Two women passing underneath the balcony were struck by falling ice in March. One was killed instantly, while the other was injured.

St. Petersburg registered a high number of cases of injuries due to ice and snow being left uncleared last winter. This provoked widespread criticism of local municipal services.

In the most shocking case, a six-year-old boy was killed by a falling icicle in St. Petersburg. There was further outrage when a block of ice fell on a baby stroller with a little boy inside. Although the baby was not injured, the event triggered a wave of panic among Russians.

In St. Petersburg alone, the Prosecutor’s Office received more than 700 complaints.

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