In race for good old royal rock

Women are notorious for their innate weakness for diamonds. Russian ladies are normally no exception. Now, the hunt is on for one of the world’s oldest and most storied diamonds in private hands, “Beau Sancy”, up for grabs at Sotheby’s auction.

­One would probably have to be an oligarch’s girlfriend to be offered the sought-after diamond, believed to be 400 years old.

Weighing in at 34.98 carats and cut from the famous gem mines in the Indian city of Golconda, Beau Sancy is valued at $4 million.

The diamond once belonged to Queen Marie de Medici of France and has reportedly made its way through four royal European families.  Its most recent owners are the descendants of the last Emperor of Germany.

While the guessing game as to who will take home the to-die-for stone is in full swing, the gem is currently on public display in Paris.

Beau Sancy will be auctioned in Geneva on May 14.

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