Iraq welcomes events in Arab world

MOSCOW, August 8 (Itar-Tass) —— The Iraqi Foreign Ministry welcomes events in the Arab world, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari.

“Our position is positive. Iraq was one of the first Arab states to have welcomed the revolution in Tunisia,” he told Russia Today on Monday, August 8.

“We have good ties with other protest movements. These movements look at Iraq as an example. Despite all our shortcomings, Iraq is going along the road of new democracy. We recognise the right of peoples to determine their own fate, translate their political will into life and make a political choice while being free and holding their own,” Zebari said.

He stressed that Iraq “is not at all neural in this situation” but at the same time it “does not want to interfere in other peoples’ affairs”.

He said the Iraqi government has a similar position on the current developments in Syria even though events in that country differ from those in other countries dye to the geopolitical position Syria occupies and its role for Iraq.

“Our established relations with the leadership of Syria and constant contacts show that there still time to make changes that will be meaningful for ordinary people and that force alone cannot solve the problem,” the minister said.

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