Italian Artist Dedicates Local Show to Steve Jobs

Italian Artist Dedicates Local Show to Steve Jobs

Published: October 19, 2011 (Issue # 1679)


A 3-D apple is one of the works on show at the exhibition dedicated to Jobs.

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“Stay hungry, stay foolish:” Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, and his motto have had a great influence on millions of people, including contemporary Italian artist Alessandro Gedda, whose work is currently on display at the Academy of Arts. Having known Jobs personally and been inspired by him, Gedda has created an interactive installment entitled “Big Apple,” to commemorate Jobs’ death earlier this month. Pieces can be bought, and all proceeds will be donated to the Scientific Research Fund.

“Genius is engagement, conviction, trust, freedom and suffering, sometimes isolation,” said Gedda. “One evening I said to my friend, ‘The glass is never half-empty, not even half- full, it is a must for me that it is always and only full.’”

His series of works, created in St. Petersburg, are an expression of true passion for life, a heart overflowing with emotion and the idea that it is eternal in its existence despite everyday circumstances.

“The morning after Jobs’ death, while walking to the magnificent Academy of Arts, I was thinking about the power of an idea, the power of a dream, and the atmosphere of the city, a fruit of the dream of Peter the Great,” said Gedda. “That inspired me to create this series in front of the young students of the academy and to show them where freedom of vision, the power of their imagination and dedication to their dreams can lead them in the future.”

Gedda’ s exhibition was organized by the Maimeri Foundation together with the Russian Academy of Arts to take place during the Year of Italy in Russia culture exchange. The exhibition consists of a selection of digital art installations, oil paintings and works of contemporary design. The subjects include New York skyscrapers, Hollywood stars, voluminous hearts and colorful race cars that evoke an incarnation of Futurism.

“Big Apple” runs through Nov. 6

at the Academy of Arts Museum,

17 Universitetskaya Nab. Tel. 323 6496.

M. Vasileostrovskaya.

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