Japanese restaurant fails in Hong Kong due to nuclear scare

A Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong has reportedly closed down following fears of contaminated food.

The big drop in trade which followed the Japanese nuclear disaster was caused as customers became scared about Japanese produce.

The expensive Yaegiku Japanese Cuisine restaurant has become the first well-known restaurant forced to shut down since a massive 9.0-earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11th.

Hong Kong, one of the one major food export markets, put a ban on the import of a variety of Japanese food two weeks ago.

Radiation was found in vegetables from five prefectures near the Fukushima No 1 nuclear plant in Japan.

The restaurant was closed on Friday with the owner saying he needed to cut his losses.

Yeung Koon-yat, the owner of Yaegiku Japanese Cuisine said more Japanese restaurants stood the risk of going out of business in the near future.

There are approximately 600 Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong.


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