Japanese Tourist Killed in Siberia

An investigation was opened into a criminal case of the murder of 31-year-old Japanese tourist Ohnita Kaiti, whose body was found with 30 stab wounds on Tuesday morning in the west Trans-Baikal region, the local investigation department said on Wednesday.

“According to the initial version of the investigation, a resident of Japan traveling through Russia stopped for the night near the highway and set up a tent. Here an unknown person stabbed the victim more than 30 times and disappeared,” a spokesman from the local investigation department, Yegor Markov, said.

His body was found near the Chita-Irkutsk Highway. A criminal case was opened under the charge of murder which stipulates up to 15 years in prison.

“An investigative team conducted an inspection at the scene. Investigators seized a Suzuki motorcycle, tent, clothes, cell phone, money and other personal items, none of which was taken by the offender,” the spokesman said.


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