Jealous Russian Bombs In-Law, Burns Son’s House, Kills Self

Investigators are inquiring as to why an apparently jealous man from the southwestern Krasnodar Region in Russia hurled a grenade into his sister-in-law’s yard, set fire to his son’s house, and then committed suicide, a regional Investigative Committee spokesman said on Friday.


According to preliminary reports, the 61-year-old Armavir resident fought with his wife so often out of jealousy that she finally left him to live with their eldest son in Krasnodar.


On Thursday evening, the elderly man, whose name has not been released, arrived at his sister-in-law’s to demand his wife return home.


“He demanded [from her sister] that his wife return home to him, threatening violence at the same time. He made a similar demand to his younger son, who lives in the neighborhood. Without waiting for any response, the man detonated a grenade in her yard,” according to an investigator’s statement.


After detonating the grenade, investigators said, the man set fire to his son’s home, who was away at the time, and then returned to his own home, set fire to it, locked the door from inside, and shot himself.


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