Joyriding Dogs Steal Car in Moscow

A Muscovite motorist was in for the surprise of her life this month when she found her parked car rammed by a vehicle driven by three dogs, AlfaStrakhovanie Group insurer said on Friday.

The unidentified young woman left her car in the parking lot of a Moscow shopping mall and went inside, returning to find another vehicle slammed into it, the company said on its website.

Three dogs barked at her from inside the other car, but no people were to be found, not even in the car trunk, the report said.

It was established later that the other car’s owner left the animals inside the car and the engine running while he was away, and the dogs somehow managed to get the vehicle moving until it hit the nearest obstacle, the insurer said.

The woman had the presence of mind to photograph the incident, AlfaStrakhovanie said. “Who would have had believed otherwise that I was rammed by dogs?” she was cited as saying later.

The doggy joyride did not end there: when the woman briefly left the scene to fill out police paperwork and then returned, she discovered the dog-driven car gone. The vehicle turned up several dozen meters down the road, put into motion again by the restless animals.

The actual incident took place mid-March, but was only reported this week as a special treat for the upcoming Fools Day on April 1, the insurer said.

The incident was recognized as a legitimate insurance event, the report added.


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