July 21 in Russian history

Unbelievable as it may be, this day in the middle of summer saw Russia’s absolute lowest temperature fixed once and for all.

­Russia’s lowest temperature registered

Today in 1983, the all-time lowest temperature on Earth was registered at the Russian polar station Vostok (East) in Antarctica. It was minus 89.2 degrees Celsius.

This earned the Vostok base the title of the Southern Hemisphere’s “Pole of Cold.”

It takes between one week and two months for researchers there to adjust to the severe climate. They can experience a loss of sleep, appetite and weight.

All the same, Vostok was continuously inhabited for 37 years starting in 1957. It is still an active base today.

­Sad fate of Russia’s savior

Today in 1906, one of Russia’s most remarkable statesmen became prime minister.

Pyotr Stolypin is known for his heavy-handed suppression of the 1905 Revolution.

Although his methods were harsh, his goal was to turn peasants into landowners. This led to his Agrarian Reform, which gave them the right to actually own land.

Stolypin did not have enough time to carry out his plan. He survived 10 assassination attempts, but the 11th was successful.

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