Kaliningrad Masters Make 3 Meter Amber Pyramid for Anniversary

Masters of the Kaliningrad Amber Plant built a pyramid made of amber with over three meter height to celebrate the plant’s 65th anniversary, plant spokeswoman Svetlana Kalinina said on Saturday.

The 3.3 meter high pyramid, built by analogy with ancient Egyptian pyramids, was opened at an observation site of the plant. Its four sides are strictly oriented to cardinal points, while walls of the pyramid inside and outside are covered with real amber.

“About 800 kilograms of amber were grinded, polished and then glued onto a wooden frame. If we made beads with such number of amber, their length would amount to eight kilometers,” Kalinina said without mentioning cost of the pyramid.

The masters used darker kinds of amber for the lower part of the pyramid and brighter kinds for the upper part. The pyramid is likely to attract tourists’ interest as up to 30,000 people visit the city per year.

The plant is located in the Kaliningrad region where amber reserves amount to nearly 90 percent of world’s reserves. Regional reserves are estimated at 300,000 tons. The plant produced 538 tons of raw amber in 2011.


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