KamAZ to Boost Export Sales to 25%

Russia’s leading truck maker KamAZ intends to boost exports to 25 percent of output and return soon to pre-crisis level of overseas sales, KamAZ said on Thursday.

The company intends to boost exports by increasing truck supplies to Kazakhstan, which it views as a priority sales market.

“The strong demand for KamAZ vehicles among Kazakh consumers is explained by several factors. First of all, Kazakhstan is a country rich in natural resources, with large oil, gas and uranium deposits while KamAZ offers a wide range of specialized vehicles for operation in the oil and gas extracting industry,” KamAZ said.

“Secondly, the Kazakh economy is developing intensively on the back of foreign investment, which has contributed to the growth of construction. Also, a modern highway will run from China to Western Europe and KamAZ trucks are actively used in its construction,” the company said.

In 2009-2011, KamAZ exported about 15 percent of its output.


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