King of Pop unwanted

A British online auction has failed to sell an unreleased film made from footage of Michael Jackson’s 1993 “Dangerous” tour. Potential buyers were deterred by copyright limitations on commercial use of the material.

The film, made up of almost two hours of edited footage, was produced by Michael Jackson’s own company, Nocturn Productions, and follows the star’s three concert dates in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jackson was reportedly unhappy with the quality of the video and presented the only copy of the film to his personal chauffeur, who is now hoping to turn a profit. Reports from the auction house that the footage was not made for commercial purposes look set to frustrate his efforts.

The documentary recording was expected to raise £4-5 million at the Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Holy Soles online auction by the Fame Bureau, which invites international bidders to participate in purchasing items linked to celebrities and public figures.

The official DVD of the “Dangerous” tour was only released in 2005, and is still available for purchase online.

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