Klitschkos clinch music deal

Knockouts and uppercuts are for them what bread and butter is for most people – their daily routine. But the hour has come for heavyweight boxing legends, brothers Vladimir and Vitaly Klitschko, to try their hands at something different.

­This time around the world champions have hooked up with the indefatigable star of the Oscar-winning Rocky saga, Sylvester Stallone, for what has been dubbed as the world’s first musical version of Rocky.

In fact, Vladimir and Vitaly Klitschko are among the biggest fans of the Hollywood action drama and are set to share their award-winning boxing skills with the actors starring in the musical.  

The 65-year-old Stallone was quoted as saying he had always dreamed putting Rocky Balboa’s famous story to music. “I always had the idea of Rocky as a musical.”

“To see this story coming to life on a musical stage makes me proud. And it would make Rocky proud,” Stallone told The Telegraph.

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