Krasnoyarsk Territory police tighten security after mass murder

KRASNOYARSK, August 9 (Itar-Tass) — Krasnoyarsk Territory police tightened security in a number of areas as they launched a manhunt for suspected killers of five people, whose bodies were found on Monday.

Regional police said four people with criminal records were suspected of the commission of the murder. They were identified as Vladimir Sorvin, Nikolai Ageyev, Yevgeny Gagarkin and Vladimir Korolev. Police asked the local resident to report on the suspects’ whereabouts by calling the hotline 8 /391/ 245-96-46.

The press service of the Interior Ministry’s regional department told Itar-Tass on Tuesday that police had launched a contingency plan of actions near Yeniseisk and Lesosibirsk.

“In the settlements located in the Severo-Yeniseisky and Yeniseisky districts, as well as near the town of Lesosibirsk, police sent details to ensure the safety of the population and advised the local residents about the situation through the mass media. The suspects’ photos were sent to all the police stations of the Krasnoyarsk Territory,” the press service said.

The Interior Ministry department is interacting with line police in joint measures. Police blocked riverboat-, ferry-, bus-, and railway terminals.

The police officers and commanders of the military units in the area have been informed about the murder and the search for the criminals.

Taking part in the manhunt are district police and special task force police units.

The operation is led by regional police chief Vadim Antonov and director of the regional department of the Investigative Committee (SK) Igor Napalkov.

On Monday, the body of a watchman was found in a builders’ cabin 2.5 kilometers from the Yeniseisk-Yepishchevo road, Severo-Yeniseisky district. He had gunshot wounds in the head and the stomach.

In another cabin, two badly burnt bodies were found. Police said it was not possible to immediately identify the victims. Two more bodies were found in an abandoned mine and a gully. The last two victims had worked as loggers.

Criminal proceedings were opened under the Criminal Code article over “the murder of two or more persons.”


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