Kremlin not to interfere in Ukraines affairs

Russia News.Net
Wednesday 5th February, 2014

Expressing concern over the prevailing condition in Ukraine, Russia Wednesday said that it will not interfere in that country’s affairs.

Russia is concerned with situation in Ukraine, including rise of Russophobia there, but is not going to intervene in Kiev’s domestic affairs, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said.

“Russia is watching what is happening in Ukraine with concern. We hope that our Ukrainian partners can resolve the situation as quickly as possible,” Xinhua quoted Peskov as telling a radio programme. He said Moscow would continue to help the “brotherly nation.”

The official said Moscow would take into consideration possible appeals from Kiev regarding granting assistance and providing services, but “only if these appeals come from Ukrainians themselves.”

Russia wants to see Ukraine as a “prosperous, stable, democratic, rich and very close to us spiritually, economically and so on,” Peskov said, noting that Russia hopes that Ukraine will not split into two parts but keeps its territorial integrity.

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