Latin Americans make up largest ‘ethnic group’ in U.S.

Latin Americans make up the largest diaspora according to a recent report by the United States Bureau of the Census, Mexican news agencies reported on Saturday.

According to the recent census, 50.5 million Latin Americans live in the United States with an overall population of 308.7 million.

The Census Bureau said in its report that the number of Latin Americans residing in the United States has increased 43% over the last few decades and has outnumbered the second largest “non-white” group of 42 million Afro-Americans.

Mexican media reports estimate that if this tendency continues, then the white population in the United States, which currently stands at 196.8 million, will become a minority group within 30 years.

The census shows that most Latin Americans come from Mexico, Cuba and Nicaragua.

MEXICO CITY, March 26 (RIA Novosti)

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