Lost alpinists get in touch from Kazbek Mount top

VLADIKAVKAZ, August 27 (Itar-Tass) —— Six alpinists, who were reported missing on Friday, got on the line from the top of the Kazbek Mount in North Ossetia, the chief of the North Ossetian emergency service Alexander Khorunzhiy said on Saturday.

The leader of the mountaineering group, Kazbek Khamitsayev, who chairs the Federation of Alpinism in North Ossetia, got on the line at 12.50 p.m. Moscow time on Saturday and reported that the group of alpinists is staying on the Kazbek plateau. “The alpinists are having a rest, then they will start the descent and will meet with the rescuers, who were dispatched for their search, on the Mayli Glacier,” Khorunzhiy said.

The climbing group got lost in the mountains during a heavy snowfall. They could not get on the line and inform about their whereabouts.


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