Magnitsky’s case reopened to allow relatives his rehabilitation

Investigators have reopened a probe into late Sergei Magnitsky, a Hermitage Capital auditor, so that his family could use the right for his rehabilitation to clear him of tax evasion charges, a senior investigator said on Thursday.

“The investigation deadline has been extended not to collect more evidence but to allow Magnitsky’s relatives to use their right for rehabilitation,” Pavel Lapshov, head of the investigation department in the Interior Ministry, said adding that January 24 was the deadline.

Magnitsky’s relatives want the case closed.

Arrested in November 2008 on tax evasion charges, Magnitsky, 37, died in custody a year later after being denied medical care. The 37-year-old auditor had accused tax and police officials of carrying out a hefty $230-million tax scam. The case was closed upon his death.

Magnitsky’s death caused a serious public outcry and led to a drastic overhaul of the country’s penitentiary system.

In July, the Kremlin’s Human Rights Council said Magnitsky’s death was the result of “calculated, deliberate and inhumane neglect.” A separate investigation into doctors who were involved in the case was launched in mid-July.

Hermitage Capital investment released an in-depth report last month, accusing Russian officials of the false arrest, torture and pre-trial death of Magnitsky and subsequent cover-up by Russian officials.


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