Main news of August 7


* 4 NATO soldiers killed in Afghan attacks

* Syrian forces kill at least 52 in fresh assaults – media

* Explosion destroys 16 NATO fuel tanks in Pakistan – TV

* British Foreign Office expresses concern over Tymoshenko arrest

* At least 11 injured in shooting protest in north London

* NATO-led coalition confirms death of 38 in Afghan copter crash

* Police cordon off Tymoshenko supporters tent camp in Ukrainian capital

* Truck full of oil overturns in Kazakhstan, causes spill

* Highway pileup kills 17 in China

* UN chief urges Syrian president to ‘immediately’ stop violence

* Yemeni president leaves hospital, but to stay in Saudi Arabia

* Over 300,000 Israelis march in protest against rising living costs


* Emergency declared in south Russia over swine fever outbreak

* Moscow condemns new Israeli settlement plans


* US Treasury Secretary Geithner to remain in office during 2012 – paper

* Republicans accuse Obama of ‘failure to lead’ over U.S. rating downgrade

* Credit rating downgrade to raise U.S. borrowing costs by $100 bln a year

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