Mainstream media won’t report on CIA’s secret sites

As the CIA expands covert missions, it’s no surprise than many of their operations go unreported. Jeremy Scahill of The Nation says, though, that many outlets are aware of some injustice carried out by the CIA and are just failing to report them.

“Both CNN and ABC have allowed their media outlets to be used as conveyor beltw for the spin of the CIA,”

Scahill says to RT. He says that he has stumbled upon secretive CIA sites in the African country of Somalia, and that US officials are operating a prison and paying the salaries of Somali national security agents yet no one else will admit to it.

The prison, says Scahill, is entirely off the radar. He calls it a “dungeon,” void of windows and sunlight. “The air is thick, moist and disgusting,” he says, adding that prisoners report bed bug infestations and rampant mosquito outbreaks.

Scahill adds that, in some instances, detainees are held for up to a year and a half without being charged, and without access to attorneys or the Red Cross.

Scahill claims that the CIA says they don’t actually call the shots at the Somali site, but he has word from people on the site that that is indeed the case. He says that the US is writing the paychecks for the Somali agents that staff the site and that American officials even openly interrogate detainees.

The reporter says that ABC News ran an expose highlighting material from Scahill’s investigation, yet “mischaracterized” his story and “allowed the CIA to shoot down straw man arguments” that he never even alleged to. It’s just another example of the mainstream media serving as a conveyor belt for CIA propaganda, says Scahill.

“We are creating a whole new generation of enemies,” says Scahill, who says that the US military is causing grave damage rarely reported. He says Americans regularly kill innocent people and their families, and note that the same Navy SEAL squad that took the credit for Osama bin Laden’s death killed an innocent pregnant woman just a year earlier.

The media, however, is only showing what they know the people want to see.

“The Osama bin Laden hit is going to be the stuff of lore and Hollywood,” he adds, suggesting that it is only a matter of time before SEAL Team 6 becomes a trademark of Disney.

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