MAKS aerospace show to start off in Zhukovsky near Moscow

ZHUKOVSKY, Moscow region, August 16 (Itar-Tass) – MAKS’ 2011 aerospace show starts off in the town of Zhukovsky southeast off Moscow Tuesday.

The jubilee tenth show is likely to become the most representative one since 1993 when the first aerospace show was held in Zhukovsky.

More than 200 civilian and military aircraft have landed in the airdrome of the Mikhail Gromov Flight Research Institute, and more than a hundred of them are expected to make demonstration flights as part of the show’ s program.

In the commercial aviation section, the real gems of the show are the A380 airbus and the first machine of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner family.

The A380 has been entered in the demonstration flights program.

The aerobatic section of the show promises to be quite breathtaking. It includes performance of the Sokoly Rossii /Russian Falcons/ and Russkiye Vityazi /Russian Knights/ aerobatic groups on the Su-27 fighter jets, and the Strizhi /Swifts/ group on the MIG-29’s.

The program also features an exercise of the Latvian aerobatic group The Baltic Bees.

Officials in the directorate of the show told Itar-Tass only specialists will be admitted to the MAKS during the first three days and the general public is invited to visit the Gromov Institute airdrome as of Friday, August 19.

The program of demonstration flights will be especially dense on the days of general public admittance and will last from 11:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs.

The business program the aerospace show is tight, too. Its ‘congress’ section alone features more than seventy events.

Participants in and visitors to MAKS’2011 will be taken to the site by express busses leaving from the suburban train stations Otdykh and the Forty-Second Kilometer, as well as from the parking area for private cars on the compound of the Bykovo airport.

Weather forecasters at Russia’s Hydrometeorology Center say Tuesday will see hot weather with air temperatures of up to 29 degrees Celsius. Thunderstorms are not ruled out, however.


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