Man With Teddy Bear Stabs Police Family in Moscow

A husband and wife serving together in the Moscow police force were injured by an apparent madman wielding a kitchen knife and a teddy bear and carrying around a dead pigeon, media reported on Wednesday.

The duo, Igor Zaitsev and Lyudmila Dezhina, were attacked when returning home after a 24-hour shift at the Foreign Ministry office in downtown Moscow, online tabloid said.

The man, who “looked like a beggar,” according to Zaitsev, shouted profanities at the couple outside Smolenskaya subway station and attacked them with a knife when they told him off and turned away to go, the report said.

Dezhina sustained a wound to the shoulder while her husband dodged the stab and received only a scratch, they told

The man was apprehended four hours later hiding in a nearby sewer, though not before he managed to inflict another minor wound to a cameraman filming him.

The man, who had a suitcase with a dead pigeon inside it in addition to the teddy bear, said only that he was “Vyacheslav from Belyayevo,” a district in Moscow’s southwest. Police sent him to a psychiatric ward for examination.


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