Marking International Day Against Police Brutality

March 15 is International Day Against Police Brutality – is it ever okay for police to use excusive force? Globally, including within the United States, cases of police brutality are far too frequent.

George Hemminger from Survive and Thrive TV, a frequent commenter on police brutality issues, said there needs to be more coverage to bring these important issues to light. Little is known in the public about the extent of police brutality because it remains unreported by the media.

The new agencies have a relationship with law enforcement in which they rely on them for news and for that inside information they are willing to not profile the police in a negative manner,” remarked Hemminger.

The primary responsibility for safety and security falls on the individual, he said, citing the Second Amendment of the US Constitution which guarantees the right to bear arms.

If I go around to citizens and businesses and say, hey, I’m going to protect you, they’re going to put me in jail for extortion,” he said. “But cities and municipalities can go around and say we’re going to put a group of individuals to protect you and that’s called law enforcement. We have no choice regarding the police officers that are out there and the way they handle themselves.”

With a decline in America there is a financial meltdown within municipalities and cities. Police are losing money, benefits and other previously enjoyed options.

You’re going to see a stressing of the police force,” Hemminger said. “They are brining this stress to the streets.”

People are noticing there is more an increase in police misconduct, and hatred among the people towards police is developing. Average citizens are tired of police selectively enforcing laws, abusing rules and forcing large fines to fundraise for cities which are going broke.

They’ll just tell you, their budgets are melting down, they got to do fundraising,” he added. “That shouldn’t stand in America. You’re rights shouldn’t be denied. You shouldn’t be penalized financially because some city can’t pay its bills. That’s just wrong.”

He argued tyranny will grow and continue unchecked unless the American people stand and push back against it.

“Authoritative abuse by the police will only exist until we stand up to them,” Hemminger said. “Speak up!

Musical artist and activists with the Street Sweeper Social Club, Raymond “Boots” Riley said there is no real democracy in America; the people are not in control. The police are. The police protect the status quo, he argued. They keep the rich in place and punish the rest.

The police are never going to be on our side,” he said. “We need a radical militant labor movement.”

Once a movement in in place it can become more and more radical to force change in America. That is the only way to change the whole system in Riley’s view.

It’s time for radical organizers to collective that struggle,” Riley said. “It’s about people joining organizations and that’s the key. Organizations are the key.”

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