Martial arts champion released on bail after Moscow killing

Moscow City Court on Monday ruled to release on bail Rasul Mirzayev, the world champion in mixed martial arts, who earlier confessed to killing a student.

Mirzayev, 25, who hails from Russia’s North Caucasus re[pubic of Dagestan, is accused of killing student Ivan Agafonov, 19, on August 13 outside a nightclub in downtown Moscow.

Agafonov’s friends say that the argument started with innocent prank – Agafonov was playing with a toy car, walked up to Mirzayev’s girlfriend, Alla, and offered her a ride as a joke.

Mirzayev, however, said Agafonov insulted Alla. The world champion hit Agafonov backhand across the cheek-bone after which the young man fell down and struck his head against a metal drain cover. He was taken to hospital and died without regaining consciousness four days later.

Mirzayev, who apologized to Agafonov’s relatives in court, was released on a 5 million ruble ($171,900) bail.

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