Medvedev calls for update of strategic development programs

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called for a shake-up of the country’s strategic development programs on Wednesday during a meeting with members of civil society.

He said that the current modernization programs, which include education, health care and modernization of the armed  forces, are worthwhile, but “we are implementing them very slowly and apart from this, life adds some changes.”

“Some of them [long-term strategic projects] were set up during Vladimir Putin’s presidential tenure, some were formed during the current presidential term, but all of them should be regularly renewed,” Medvedev said during a meeting with members of the public committee, including politicians, artists, journalists and civil society activists.

Medvedev proposed establishing the public committee as a permanent advisory institution.

“I do not think that this public committee should be dissolved. It should de made a permanent advisory body of the Russian government,” the president said, adding that the committee would not be a substitute for the Cabinet.

The president also said that the authorities should be open to dialogue with people regardless of the criticism they may face.

“I’m absolutely sure that the more open authority is…the more criticism it receives,” Medvedev said, adding that it does not mean the authorities should avoid “direct communication, even when that communication brings unpleasant emotions.”

Medvedev who portrays himself as technologically savvy leader, has repeatedly said that he keeps a close eye on Internet comments from ordinary Russians regarding the work of the ruling authorities.


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