Medvedev demands situation with high-tech medical aid improved

GORKI, September 5 (Itar-Tass) —— Russian President Dmitry Medvedev demanded that the situation with the rendering of high-tech medical aid should be improved. He said this at the conference on the budget policy on Monday.

The president said that this situation is not simple. “When the funds are spent long before the end of the year, and the quotas cannot be met, this is a situation that should not happen again,” Medvedev stressed. “There is a need for more precise calculation and more reliable forecasts,” he said.

The president also called the cabinet’s attention to “the need for most precise, but not depreciated, calculation of the amount of budget funds to be channeled for the implementation of socially-significant measures.”

The president also said that the necessary funds should be allocated for the programs of support for small and medium businesses. In this connection he mentioned the programs of refresher training of engineers and introduction of scholarships for young scientists and post graduate students who work on promising tasks.


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