Medvedev Finalizes Deputy Premiers’ Duties

The areas of responsibility for all seven deputy prime ministers of Russia have been finalized, the Cabinet of Ministers announced on Thursday.

Dmitry Kozak will continue to oversee sports, preparations for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, regional policy, construction, housing and utilities.

Dmitry Rogozin will retain supervision of the defense industry, the nuclear and space sectors, military-technical cooperation, civil defense, and emergency situations.

Alexander Khloponin will keep his focus on the North Caucasus.

Arkady Dvorkovich will be responsible for the real sector of the economy, including civilian sectors of industry, energy, transportation, communications, agriculture, forestry and fishing.

Vladislav Surkov will take on justice, courts, prosecutors, media, and statistics agencies.

Olga Golodets will take charge of science and the social sector, including national projects, demographic policy, healthcare, social development, education and tourism.

Igor Shuvalov, who is the first deputy prime minister, will take care of migration policy.

Russia’s new government was approved by President Vladimir Putin on May 21. In addition to the prime minister and seven deputy prime ministers there are 21 ministers.


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