Medvedev observes sugar beet harvest in Kuban holding

KRASNODAR, August 8 (Itar-Tass) —— Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday observed sugar been and fodder maize harvesting in the Kuban agro-industrial holding.

The presidential helicopter landed near the field where sugar beet harvesting was in progress. Fyodor Druzhinin, the director-general of the holding, told the head of state about prospects for harvest this year and the technology of sugar beet harvesting. The president watched the process as a harvester was in operation at the moment.

“It works beautifully,” said Medvedev who had in the past an opportunity to see the machine and even try to operate it. “It swept everything clean like a hurricane,” he said.

Medvedev then walked to a nearby field where maize grows. Druzhinin told the president about specifics of the cultivation and harvesting of this crop. Medvedev watched a harvester gathering maize. He asked Druzhinin about the social programs of the holding, including support for young people.

Druzhinin, in his turn, thanked the president for the national project in support of the agro-industrial complex during the implementation of which the creation of the holding started.

“I am not ashamed of this. We then started the process and it began spreading all over the country,” said Medvedev, who was in charge of the project, then holding the post of first deputy premier.

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