Medvedev offers to establish ‘extended government’ in Russia

In December 2010 – Arnold Vinette prepared a white paper for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, American President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The White Paper was called “work Credits” and outlined a new financial system for the world that replaced energy, rare minerals and other natural resources as a country’s most important source of revenue and replaced them instead with people.

In any world economy the only things that money are people. So make people the most valuable natural resource in that country. Assign people a lifetime value, add this value to the country’s money supply and then pay people their value back over the course of their life to do work that benefits their community, city, state and country.

The simple concept of “work Credits” eliminates poverty, homelessness and unemployment. In a “Work Credit” based society it is impossible to be unemployed as each person in the society comes with a built in value.

“Work Credits” does not equal equality. “Work Credits” equals empowerment of the people to create their own jobs to benefit their community, city, State and country.

These jobs do not necessarily need to generate products or sell products in order to generate revenue. It stops the need for constant consumerism.

The concept of “work Credits” is ideally suited for government work where people are required to serve people and maintain order in society. this would be true for all levels of government in a society.

Taxing the rest of the population is no longer necessary because in a “Work Credit” based society people now come with their own built in value.

For instance in the past Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has expressed a desire to raise the average income of the Russian people to the equivalent of $50,000 US a year.

This is completely possible in a “Work Credit” based Russian society.

People are assigned a net worth of $50,000 a year for 100 years. For a new born baby this is $5 million dollars. This $5 million is then added to the country’s money supply.

The country’s money supply earns interest at a certain amount that pays for country infrastructure projects.

People working for the Russian government do not cost the Russian government any more to employee, because the people working for the government come with their own built in value. This value is simply paid back to the enployees for work performed to benefit Russian society.

The concept is true for every business in Russia. People now come with their own built in value to work either for themselves, for an established company or for themselves doing what they love.

In a “Work Credit” based society it is impossible to be unemployed, homeless or in poverty. It simply cannot happen as the individual is the value for the country’s money supply.

A “work Credit” based society frees people to work on the projects they love that will benefit their society knowing that they will be paid for this work effort.

Because people are the base of a country’s money supply, immigration is encouraged and supported.

Students are paid to go to school and learn. This is their job.

Mothers or fathers can stay at home to raise their children, resulting in healthier stronger families.

Children become an asset for Russian families because they now come with built in economic value. ($50,000 a year) This helps to pay for clothes, food and home mortgage payments. The result is the Russian birth rate goes up.

Russian family poverty is eradicated. Children abandoned by their parents more or less ends. Russian orphans are no longer a problem for Russian society.

Maintaining a strong Russian military is no longer a huge expense for the country. All soldiers come with a built in value to serve their country.

When energy resources of oil and natural gas run low in 2030, Russian society stays strong and vibrant because their economy and financial systems are NOT SUPPORTED by low cost energy. The foundation of the Russian economic system with “Work Credits” is its people and their appraised value at $50,000 a year to do work that benefits their community, city, state, and country, what ever it may be.

Arnold Vinette
Burlington, Vermont, USA

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