Medvedev orders to monitor ministries’ information on internet.

SOCHI, August 10 (Itar-Tass) — Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev ordered Minister of telecommunications and mass communications Igor Shchegolev to organise monitoring of the information, which ministries and authorities place on the Internet.

“I have signed many orders related to the placement on the Internet of information about the work of ministries and authorities,” Medvedev said. He explained that the information should be related to decisions they make, to formation of a legal base, to matters of their competence, to state officials, including that on their incomes.

“This information should be public on the Internet, so that it is open for the country’s people,” he added. “I would like your ministry to undertake the monitoring of this process not only from the contents point of view, but rather from the point of view of a possible access to this information.”

“I would like ministries and authorities to provide a full-fledged functioning of the service, and Russians, who are interested in receiving information, be that the defense ministry or secret services, but in compliance with the present legislation, could use the service and get this information from the net,” he said.

Shchegolev informed the president that the ministry of communications keeps its own rating of information, which authorities place on the Internet.

“After signing these orders, the monitoring will be made more effectively,” he assured.

The Kremlin’s press service explained on Tuesday that the new approaches will refer to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Interior Ministry, Defence Ministry, Ministry of Justice, EMERCOM, the State Courier Service, Federal Penitentiary Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, Federal Service for Defence Orders, Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation, Federal Migration Service, Federal Service for Technical and Export Control, Federal Security Service, Federal Service for Control of Drugs Turnover, Federal Bailiffs’ Service, Office of the President of the RF, Federal Agency for Special Construction, Federal Agency for Supplies of Armament, Military and Special Equipment and Material Resources, Federal Agency for the Community of Independent States.

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