Medvedev ponders creation of Russian court on intellectual property rights

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed his administration on Monday to consider establishing a special court for intellectual property rights in Russia.

“Maybe we should consider creating a special court for intellectual property rights within the Russian system of arbitration courts and place the court in Skolkovo,” Medvedev said at a joint meeting of the Commission on Modernization and the Board of Trustees of the Skolkovo high-tech hub.

The president also noted the need to define people in the Ministry of Economic Development who would be responsible for coordinating international cooperation in implementing the programs of modernization and innovation.

Intellectual property violations have long served as a major hurdle to Russia’s entry to WTO, as reputed piracy lairs in Russia remain standing intact.

The Skolkovo center will focus on research in five priority spheres: energy, information technology, communication, biomedical research and nuclear technology.

MOSCOW, April 25 (RIA Novosti)

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