Medvedev signs instructions after meeting with Penza businessmen

MOSCOW, July 22 (Itar-Tass) —— Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a list of instructions on Friday after a meeting with the chiefs of small business enterprises from the town of Zarechny in the Penza Region on July 14.

The Russian government was instructed “to table proposals to allocate to small and medium businesses the quotas of at least ten percent from all orders for research-and-development, which is made under departmental target programs” before September 1, the Russian presidential press service reported.

The Cabinet was also instructed “to develop proposals jointly with oil producing companies and to produce them to create a system to tank, dispose or process spent motor oil and to determine the financing mechanism of this system from non-budgetary sources” before October 1.

By November 1, the government should “develop and present proposals to introduce amendments in the Russian labour legislation that envisage an easier legal recruitment procedure for employees, who work for small businesses and under labour contracts”.

Speaking on the quotas at the July 14 meeting, Medvedev noted that ten percent of orders placed under the federal target programs, should be reserved for small and medium businesses. The president pledged to discuss the transition from the unified tax on imputed income to a common system in the government and the Finance Ministry. The president also supported an initiative of businessmen to institute the post of a special representative at the level of a deputy mayor or a governor in the authorities of the city or the region. The special representative will be in charge of the system and the number of inspections, which small and medium businesses are to pass. He acknowledged that during the meeting he learnt many interesting things and found many common problems for other spheres of business in the country. “We will seek to solve them. Not everything is possible right away,” he pointed out. “If we want our country to have 30%, 40% or even 50% of citizens, who launched their business, probably we should develop a program that promotes entrepreneurship. We should show and explain that it is a major and heavy work,” the president said.

The meeting at the Grand Kremlin Palace was caused by a letter, which Medvedev received from businesspeople of the town of Zarechny in the Penza Region. They stated about their support for the policy towards modernization of the country and reported about their plans to create a cluster of high-technological enterprises in the town and said they are ready to share their position on business development in Russia with the president. 

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