Medvedev supports idea of insurance ombudsman for agricultural producers.

25/7 Tass 331

MICHURINSK, Tambov region, July 25 (Itar-Tass) —— President Dmitry Medvedev supported the idea of insurance ombudsman for agricultural producers.

“I am ready to think about an insurance ombudsman, an arbiter who could provide better protection to agricultural producers,” Medvedev said a meeting on the situation on the grain market on Monday, July 25.

“But we have to understand where this figure should be introduced, in which law. But in principle, it’s possible,” the president said.

Medvedev said he had signed a federal law that introduces risk insurance in agriculture.

“Last year I ordered the development of an insurance system for agricultural risks that would take into account agricultural producers’ interests as much as possible,” he said.

“Let me tell you that today I signed the Law ‘On State Support in the Field of Agricultural Insurance and on Amendments to the Federal Law ‘On the Development of Agriculture’,” the president said.

In is opinion, “much depends on a well-organised insurance system” because “this is one of the key mechanisms that can ensure the competitiveness of Russian agricultural produce on the domestic and international markets,” the president said.

He expressed hope that the volume of insurance will grow.

He also urged representatives of the industry to report back how the law works.

“I am convinced that this law will be useful, and if we find out that there are some nuances that require corrections, I suggest that you do not keep silent but say so to your supervisors in the government, and I will be ready to make necessary amendments,” Medvedev said.

He supported the idea of a standard insurance policy for agricultural producers.

“I fully support the idea of drafting a standard insurance policy,” Medvedev said.

“It is hard even for ordinary business other than agricultural production to navigate through these special terms attached to the document and listed somewhere at the bottom in small type, let alone agricultural producers who often cannot work without lawyers and find themselves in a difficult situation,” Medvedev said.

“This is why there should be a standard or model policy that can be made without taking the risk of falling in the trap of casuistical tricks,” the president said.

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