Medvedev to present budget message to parliament

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will submit budget guidelines for 2012-14 to parliament on Wednesday, his aide Arkady Dvorkovich said on Monday.

The presentation will be made in the form of highlights of a budget message for cabinet members and Federal Assembly deputies, Dvorkovich said.

“As in the previous two years, the format will remain unchanged: The text of the budget message is a more detailed document than the presentation, unlike the annual address to the Federal Assembly where the presentation coincides with the text,” he said.

The president’s budget address is an essential element of drafting the federal budget, setting the strategic and short-term guidelines for the country’s budget policy in line with the general economic course.

The main priorities will include budget expenditures, decentralization of powers between government agencies, and economic modernization, Dvorkovich said.

“Furthermore, considerable attention will be devoted to privatization of state property and support for innovational entrepreneurship,” he added.

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