Medvedev tours Saburovo bread-making plant

MICHURINSK, July 25 (Itar-Tass) —— President Dmitry Medvedev toured the Saburovo bread-making plant in Michurinsk on Monday, July 25.

The president took a look at the products made by the plant, without tasting them, but appeared to be pleased.

He was taken to the milling facility and the control room where an operator controls all processes with the help of three computers. Medvedev bent over the screen to watch the way grain goes from an elevator to cleaning and several stages of treatment.

An exhibition of finished products was set up especially for the head of state. The table was overflowing with all kinds of loaves, rolls, dry bread, round cracknels, and cakes.

Plant Director-General Alexander Polyakov said the plant had received grain from the Intervention Fund in prices of 2005, which allowed it to supply bread to stores for low-income people at lower prices.

The manufacturer’s price of a loaf of popular white wheat bread is 10.99 roubles, and a loaf of rye bread is 10.34 roubles.

“That’s a good price,” Medvedev said.

“Makes me want to take it,” First Vice Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov said.

“Don’t!” the president stopped him.

The head of state did not taste the products, but noted, “Everything looks very tasty, and the price is good.”

However presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich ventured to taste the plant’s products when Medvedev had already left the exhibition. Having munched on a round cracknel, he exclaimed, “That’s excellent. I should take some for my children.”

He shared his impressions from the plant in his Twitter microblog, posting half a dozen photographs taken during the tour. “It’s hard to photograph the smell of bread, but it’s very enticing,” he said.

Medvedev also took a look at a new grain elevator, the first stage of which has already been commissioned. Plant Director-General Alexander Polyakov said the first stage has a capacity of 20,000 tonnes. The second stage to be commissioned in May of next year will have a capacity of 30,000 tonnes.

The elevator is fully automated and controlled by one operator. The plant has become competitive owing to state support. “Our grain is as good in terms of quality and it is bought by Egypt and Turkey,” he said.

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