Medvedev urges Russians to vote, ‘make right choice’

In his address to the nation on Friday, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called on citizens to take part in Sunday’s parliamentary elections and “make the right choice.”

“People do many really kind, right and important things not because of necessity, but out of a sense of responsibility, their heart’s call and moral duty, because they understand that no one except us can make our lives better,” Medvedev is in his address published on his website, which will be broadcast by state television channels at noon.

“Do the important and right thing – come to elect State Duma lawmakers and decide who will represent you in Russia’s supreme legislative body,” he said.

All of Russia’s seven registered political parties will take part in Sunday’s elections. Medvedev leads the ticket of the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, which has dominated the parliament and, according to public polls, is expected to win over 50 percent of the vote in the forthcoming elections.

In his address, Medvedev said “direct and free elections” were one of the “incontestable achievements” of the past decades. He said he believed the 2011 election campaign created “free and equal competition” for all Russian political parties.

“I hope you had an opportunity to evaluate not only the parties’ programs, but also their concrete actions – for most of them have factions in the current Duma,” he said.

Four out of the seven registered parties – United Russia, the Communist party, the ultranationalist LDPR, and A Just Russia – are currently represented in the State Duma. The other three – Yabloko, the Right Cause and Patriots of Russia – are unlikely to pass the seven-percent threshold to make it into parliament, according to public polls.

The president went on to urge Russians to make the “right choice” and vote for those they believe will be able to “defend” their interests, who “understands economics, has experience overcoming crisis situations, is able to protect our Fatherland and preserve it for our children,” and who “understands you well and tells you the truth.”

“I hope we will make Russia a genuinely modern and highly developed country where it is comfotable to live,” he said.

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