Medvedev visits construction site of future federal university in Russia’s Far East

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited a construction site of a new federal university on the Russian Island in the country’s Far East that will host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in 2012.

The president told Primorye Governor Sergei Darkin that in order to make the future Far Eastern Federal University prestigious “it is very important to find right teachers and famous professors, both from Russia and abroad.”

Medvedev inspected several already constructed buildings on the campus area of the future university and said that he would not mind to come here in the future “to give lectures.”

The Far Eastern Federal University is intended to become the largest scientific and educational center in the region for students from Russia and the Asia-Pacific region countries.

The university will boast research centers in the spheres of nanotechnologies, microbiology, medicine, telecommunications and other.

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