Meeting with United Grain Company CEO Sergei Levin

Photo: the Presidential Press and Information Office
With CEO of United Grain Company Sergei Levin.
March 15, 2011

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  • Photo: the Presidential Press and Information Office|
    With CEO of United Grain Company Sergei Levin.|Gorki, Moscow Region|March 15, 2011||

The situation on the domestic grain market and measures aimed at curtailing the growth of bread prices were discussed at the meeting.

Sergei Levin reported to Dmitry Medvedev that, as a result of state regulation measures, grain prices have been declining in all regions of Russia and the situation in the grain market has stabilised.

Dmitry Medvedev stressed that part of the grain bypasses the market and is delivered directly to the regions affected by last summer’s drought. The head of each region is to be responsible for maintaining grain stability and, ultimately, for the situation in the retail market, including the price of bread.

United Grain Company is a state agency in charge of the procurement and commodity interventions on the grain market, whose main goal is to support Russian farmers and increase their competitiveness.

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