Memorial to Perm nightclub blaze victims unveiled

A memorial commemorating the 156 victims of a deadly blaze in the city’s Lame Horse nightclub has been unveiled in Perm in Central Russia.

The three-meter composition, which resembles a chapel, features the names of all the victims of the tragedy. The unveiling ceremony brought together friends and relatives of those who died on the night of December 5, 2009.

The disaster was started by fireworks used during a party in the packed Lame Horse club. The fire triggered a stampede, with partygoers rushing for the only exit and scores of people were suffocated or crushed in the ensuing panic.

Investigators say the blaze broke out because of the improper use of pyrotechnics, coupled with the violation of fire safety regulations. Eight people, including the club’s managers, were prosecuted in connection with the tragedy. The tragedy also gave rise to an intensive health and safety campaign throughout Russia.

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