Merkel Is a Huge Foreign Policy Hypocrite

This article originally appeared in German at German Economic News

Article summary: Germany claims that force cannot be the solution to the conflict in Syria (not to mention Ukraine). Berlin has warned Moscow not to get involved, while continuously supporting US-led NATO armed intervention in Syria and throughout the Mid-East. The German government needs to make up its mind whether it supports peace or war. 


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The German government warns against the intervention of the Russians in Syria – because it threatens chaos and anarchy. That’s a dangerous game. This war, with German support, has plunged Syria into chaos and anarchy. Where is the German appeal to the warmongers in Washington?

The latest development in Syria exemplifies what inglorious role of the German foreign policy under Angela Merkel. Merkel can celebrate as the new idol of refugees: They said it was nice that Germany would see the Middle East as a desirable object.

However, less wonderful is the fact that Merkel’s foreign policy gambled away her last credibility in the Middle East. Germany assumes an almost avant-garde role for NATO. To this end, Russia is now being charged as a potential cause of the Syrian tragedy.

“A spokesman for the Foreign Office now said in Berlin on Monday, the conflict will surely not be solved militarily.

All stakeholders, including the government in Moscow would be well advised to overcome their differences and begin discussions on the political future of the country.

It must be prevented that the Syrian state descends completely into the vortex of civil war. “

Earlier, the Israeli website Ynet had reported on the preparation of a Russian deployment. The Americans kept a low profile. There was clearly a signal from the Obama administration that we want to work together against the IS with the Russians.

But now the hawks in Washington seem to have taken the upper hand. About the neocons, whose aim is as many global wars as possible to stimulate economic activity for the defense industry, reported Reuters:

“In US government circles it was stated at the weekend that the US had discovered alarming preparations for a Russian military intervention in Syria.  Accomodations had been set up for hundreds of people at a Syrian airfield. This could indicate that Russia was preparing the relocation of heavy military equipment there.”

Merkel’s spokesman on Monday combined the speculation with a warning to the Russians:

“The Foreign Office spokesman would neither confirm nor deny the reports. But he underlined if chaos and anarchy take the upper hand and vicious Islamist organizations such as the “Islamic State” would take control of the country, which could not be in Russia’s interest. “

Chaos and anarchy in Syria and were triggered by the US war effort: The Americans have taken the emergence of IS as an opportunity to overthrow Assad. The Russians have always played a role in Syria, which was always military. They have communicated openly. In the fight against IS, they have been retained.

Germany gambled with Angela Merkel and the dissemination of a new neocon spin that Germany could take over the role of mediator in Syria. But considering her submissive attitude one ought to consider whether we could not save a lot of money to the German taxpayer, by running our foreign policy directly from NATO headquarters. The released resources can then be used to care for the refugees, for which Germany is made further responsible.

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