Mitsubishi Plans to Open Supermarket Chain in Far East

Mitsubishi Corporation plans to open a supermarket chain in Russia’s Far Eastern Primorye Territory, the head of the company’s Moscow office said after talks in Vladivostok.

“The Japanese side is ready to engage in projects to build 24-hour supermarkets and in modernizing mining industry equipment,” Yu Sato said in a statement.

The business meeting between the regional administration official and a Japanese delegation in Vladivostok also focused on boosting cooperation in the petrochemical industry, investment and energy spheres.

The Japanese side also signaled interest in the region’s project to build a monorail link either at the tourism and recreation zone on the city’s Russky Island or within the planned city agglomeration of Vladivostok, Ussuriisk, Nakhodka and Artyom.

Mitsubishi opened its Moscow office in 1968. The company’s most significant investment project in Russia is its participation in the Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project, launched in 1994.

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