Moldova PM Says Has EU Backing for a Russia Reset

CHISINAU, August 19 (TASS) – The European Union is interested in cooperation between Moldova and Russia, Moldova’s Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet said on Wednesday.

Strelet told the Moldovan media that “Chisinau was fully supported by Western partners in issue of using the potential of bilateral agreements with Russia.” “We have a free trade agreement, as well as a framework agreement on strategic partnership and development which was upgraded in spring of 2012. Both countries are members of the World Trade Organization,” he noted.

After Chisinau signed a free trade agreement with EU, Russia, fearing re-export of European products through Moldova, cancelled zero tariffs on several goods delivered from Moldova, including wine, meat, vegetables, fruits and grain. Last year, Russia introduced temporary restrictions against importing Moldovan fruits because they did not meet with necessary quality standards,

The cabinet of new Moldovan prime minister was approved on June 30. Apart from developing relations with Russia, the new government aims at rapprochement with EU and receiving a status of candidate country in the future, as well as at promoting strategic dialogue between the United States and Romania.

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