Mongolia Moves Ever Closer to Russia

Mongolian President Elbegdorj is on a visit to Moscow for V-Day and is set to meet with Putin to:

specify some issues related to economic and infrastructural development

The Asian neighbour is now expecting to sign a strategic partnership with Russia. The two countries have eased visa requirements late last year and are planned to hold joint military exercises in the summer.

In an interview to TASS Elbegdorj said:

We have prepared a document – a medium-term program of the development of strategic partnership. On our part, everything has been approved and now the support of the Russian side is needed. Probably, during the Ufa meeting, we’ll sign it.

Mongolia is considered to be an emerging market, and Citigroup has identified Mongolia to have one of the most promising growth prospects for 2010–2050.

Mongolian troops will take part in the Moscow Victory Parade on Saturday along with those of India, Serbia and six former Soviet republics.

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