Moroccans Trek to Finland with Hand-Drawn Map

PETROZAVODSK, April 30 (RIA Novosti) – Reviving the traditions of the Age of Discovery, two Moroccan citizens tried to trek across Russia to Finland with a hand-drawn map while taking notes of the journey, local border officials said.

The two Arab travelers were detained in the border zone which they had no permission to enter, the Russian Border Guard Service in the Republic of Karelia said on Tuesday.

The Moroccans were navigating with the help of a hand-drawn map showing local towns and distances to the Finnish border, as well as routes toward Finland, the service said in a statement.

They were also taking detailed notes of their movements, possibly intended to help later trekkers to follow in their tracks, the border guards said.

However, the expedition ended in failure: The duo, whose names were withheld, will now have to explain their adventures to Russia’s Federal Migration Service, the report said.


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