Moscow among world’s worst cites for parking

Moscow was ranked the fourth worst city for parking out of 20 cities worldwide, according to the results of the IBM Global Parking Index published on Thursday.

The survey ranks the emotional and economic toll of parking in a cross-section of 20 international cities. A total of 8,042 commuters in the 20 cities were surveyed.

The respondents were asked about five key criteria: the longest amount of time they spent looking for a parking place, whether they were unable to find a parking place, whether they had disagreements over parking spots and whether they received tickets for illegal parking and how many.

Among the cities in the list, worse parking conditions were found in New Delhi and Bangalore in India and China’s Beijing.

The survey found out that Moscow was second in terms of parking tickets received, “losing out” only to Bangalore.

Even though the majority of drivers in Bangalore (70%), Moscow (69%) and Paris (62%) said they had not received a parking ticket in the last year, they still managed to, on average, rack up the most illegal parking tickets – nine in Bangalore, 8.5 in Moscow and 7 in Paris.

Globally, drivers spend an average of nearly 20 minutes in pursuit of a coveted spot, while the average for Moscow was 19.1 minutes.

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